11 Ways to Boost Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Boosting Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Much of our bodily development depends on hormonal activity. The growth of our tissues depends on Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This chemical compound is produced in the pituitary gland. For some people, this gland does not produce enough hormone amounts. This condition is known as growth hormone deficiency. Biosynthesized HGH can be used to correct it. Also known as Somatotropin, it is genetically identical to the naturally produced hormone in the body. This solution is normally delivered into the body in form of an injection Here are the various types of HGH injections that are available today.

Forms of this hormone that are available to you

You can buy HGH with a doctor’s prescription Upon purchase, it can be delivered as a liquid which you can inject into your body. You can also get in form of a powder. In this case, you have to mix it up according to the doctor’s instructions so as to make an injectable liquid. You can also get this hormone in form of a pre-filled HGH pen. You can, therefore, pick the form that is most ideal for your lifestyle.

Types of HGH that are available today and here are some of the ones that you can buy today.

Boosting Human Growth Hormone Naturally


This was the first type of this biosynthetic hormone that was available for purchase. It has been sold ever since 1996. It was created by Pfizer Inc. Genotropin is sold at a cost of $20.00 per Injectable Unit (ICJ).


Created by Eli Lilly, this brand has been available for purchase every since 1998. You can purchase a single Injectable Unit (ICJ) of Humatrope at a cost of $23.00.


This is a very popular type of hormone. Norditropin is created by Novo Nordisk. It costs between $13.00 and $20.00 for each Injectable Unit (ICJ). Norditropin comes packaged in an injectable pen.


Developed by Sandoz, this is another famous type of HGH. Omnitrope is available in various forms. They include a syringe kit, injectable pen or a vial. After the first injection, stays stable in the long term.


This is a type of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which comes in doses that range from 8mg to 20mg. It is produced by EMD Serono and is quite popular.


A company that is known as Ferring Pharmaceuticals creates this HGH brand. Zomacton has a medium level of purity. It is also fairly more affordable than the rest.


Regarded by chemists and users as a highly pure form of HGH, this is an injectable type. Zorbtive is completely identical to the growth hormone which is normally produced in the body. As such, its results are rapid and long lasting.


This is a powerful type which has a variety of uses. It has been produced by EMD Serono ever since 2002. It is one of the latest versions on the market. As a matter of fact, Serostim has been fully approved by FDA for use in tissue restoration within HIV patients.

For you to experience the best effects of HGH, it is important to use the right types. The most popular and reliable ones have been described above. Implement them according to the correct dosage so as to experience the amazing effects of this hormone!