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Sri Lankan native Designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya of the brand Kûr, presented at NYFW for the first time. For KÛR’s Spring / Summer 2018 collection, Kasuni Rathnasuriya uses the white shirt as the medium to bridge the gap between sophisticated dressing and street style, exploring all ranges of femininity and formality. Filled with KÛR’s signature Beeralu, a handmade lace from Sri Lanka, the collection exudes a traditionally feminine, romantic tone, featuring ruffles, statement collars, and decadent sleeves.

These white shirts are mixed and matched with a variety of bottoms, from overflowing ruffled skirts to tuxedo pants in soft linen and plaid patterns, displaying the versatility of the white shirt and how it can be dressed both up and down. Whimsicality is also interwoven into the collection, with lace ladybugs, butterflies, and other small insects embroidered onto different pieces throughout the collection.

The KÛR Spring / Summer 2018 collection invites the traditional craft of Beeralu which dates back 300 years, into the modern era, melding the lines between upscale dressing and urban street style and highlighting the versatility of femininity through the white shirt.

Designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya also collaborated with Tokyo-based etching print artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki to create a white graphic T-shirt, further adding to the urban dimension of the collection.

Laurean Ossorio gets up close with Designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya of Kûr

        Who is Kûr? One of a kind woman.

What is your inspiration and vision for this collection? – Pretty much everything around the street trends, the busy lifestyle of a working woman around the world. Further 18th and 17th century lace ruffles and frills as seen in Brussels, Belgium fine arts museums.

What fabrics are you using this season? 100% cotton poplin, Linen and broderie anglaise

Who is the Kûr woman? She is a confident, serene and outstanding woman, someone who values craftsmanship and authenticity. Someone who wants to out-stand and has a unique personality.

What is the key color of your spring 2018 collection? White , Black , Beige and Pastel blue

What is your signature piece from the collection? The white shirts

What silhouettes are you offering to the Kûr woman this season? Mainly the White shirts. We have created different silhouettes and designs of white shirts for KÛR woman’s every different event of her life style. e.g- Going out, going to work, going for a gala event etc…

Who would you like to be the ideal Kûr women? A  confident woman with a big dream who we can find among us

What are the essential items every woman should have in their closet? White shirts, A black dress, trousers ,  jeans and T-shirts

What is your favorite color? White

What music are you listening to in your playlist? Many type of music – Alternative, hip hop, R&B

What is your favorite song right now? Paris by Groove Armada

What is your favorite genre of music? Alternative music

Who’s your favorite artist? All-time favorite – Leonardo da vinci /Musician – Sam smith

Who’s your favorite musician or group? Linkin Park

What’s your favorite food? Chocolate

What is your favorite drink? Hot chocolate and English tea

What is your favorite travel destination? Europe – Paris

What are you currently reading? “How google works” by Alan Eagle, Eric Schmidt

What is your favorite gadget? iPhone

What did you last google? Havana, Cuba

What was your last purchase? A white t-shirt

What is your favorite tv show? James Cordon show and Big bang theory

Who is your favorite actor / actress? Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston

Give us one phrase to describe spring fashion? Serene and chic.

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