At any point in time, you can take a stroll down Wall Street and see 15 men in a row wearing the same suit. We get it; it’s business formal but try spicing it up a bit with some of these stylish trends. It will be sure to make a statement in a subtle, professional way.


1) Add Some Color

A pop of color can go a long way. Add a colored tie, vest, shirt or even handkerchief. This summer is all about pastels however if you want to make a bolder statement, go for something bright. It’s sure to show off your fun spirit while also remaining professional.


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2) More Stripes!

Every man owns a striped tie. Get creative and wear a striped shirt or blazer. This is a simple print but offers just enough to your suit to make a statement.


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3) Mixed Prints

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this. Mix and match your tie and shirt patterns or wear a different printed handkerchief. Keep a similar color scheme, but take some risks!


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4) Shoes matter!

Sure, a nice pair of freshly shined black shoes look great with any suit, but try a light brown shoe or even white (if you can keep them clean!)


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5) Patterned Blazers

Patterns aren’t just for shirts and ties. Get a checkered or striped blazer.


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6) Don’t just stick to black

Black is sharp and sleek, but don’t forget about the other neutrals. An all grey or all brown suit looks just as put together. If you’re feeing edgy, try a dark green or light blue.


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7) Add a bag

We’re not talking about the basic black briefcase. Get a handbag with a strap and bit of detail verses the basic rectangular shape.


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8) Pastels

It’s summer and dark colors get hot! Wear a soft pastel color. This will be much cooler and give off an approachable friendly vibe.


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9) Texture

Textures go a long way. Try suede or houndstooth


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10) All About all the Accessories

Accessories are immensely important. They are sure to make or break any ensemble. Throw on a pair of shades for the sunny afternoons, but keep them classic. Add a nice watch, we know the time is on your phone but a good watch shows that you are timely and organized. Tie bars and chains are not out! It gives off a timeless look that is functional and tasteful. Also try wearing a different colored belt that will pop against the color of your pants.

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By-Haylie Born