Yum’s the Word

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Seaman

If you want to experience a storytelling and comedy show unlike any other, check out Yum’s the Word at Le Poisson Rouge. With an ever changing lineup of storytellers, this show is different every time you see it. The theme is also different, with the June 17 show being “Summer Fun”. However, each Yum’s the Word has the feeling of an old-timey birthday party, with three of the audience members being special birthday guests.

The night includes classic party games such as Mad Libs and a sexier version of pin the tail on the donkey. Audience participation is encouraged, and even rewarded with a sweet prize!

That’s not the only sweet thing about this comedy show. One special tradition sets this routine apart from the rest: Free ice cream cake! Audience members are treated to a slice of ice cream cake, of which the three birthday guests get to choose the flavors. Each cake also has a comedic name chosen from a list of suggestions via social media.

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Seaman

The party takes place at Le Poisson Rouge, a classy space off of Bleeker street that hosts concerts and Bingo as well. Of course, once you get a taste of great storytelling and delicious ice cream cake at Yum’s the Word, you’re bound to come back for more.

-by Laura Seaman