Yotam Kafri of Mudras Massage Discusses His Multifaceted Massage Practice

DTM_Y_16041442Mudras Massage offers a myriad of services to clients, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu and hydrotherapy. Heading the practice, which includes a diverse network of physical therapists and pain management specialists is Yotam Kafri. With over 15 years of professional experience, Kafri is professed in massage techniques from all over the world. His knowledge in his practice allows him to aid in the therapy many different client body types, from ballet dancers at major New York City companies and professional/retired athletes to business executives, lawyers, doctors and several of NYC’s movers and shakers.

“I think the key is to be able to adjust myself, no matter what kind of body type,” explains Kafri.

Having both parents who were massage therapists, his propensity for massage was fostered in both practice and pedigree. He also attributes his innate knowledge of the body to ballet, which both he and his parents studied.

“Dancers were my first experience with the body which is not an easy thing to start with,” he states.

Learning firsthand how the body responds to the demanding physical pressure of dance, Kafri began massage therapy on ballet dancer bodies, which are constantly in need of attention to ensure that they can perform and practice under stringent circumstances. He eventually decided to pursue massage therapy as a full time profession.

DTM_Y_1604149He also credits the demands of his New York clientele for shaping his massage artistry.

“Coming to New York made me really sharp. People don’t have time, they don’t want to come back 20 times for the same thing.”

The city’s smattering of body types, partaking in fitness ranging from professional body building to casual weekend exercise has also allowed Kafri to treat many different ailments. He intuitively studies the bodies and circumstances of clients so that he can give, targeted and personalized treatment to each condition. He also continues to learn new techniques to improve in his field, rather than staying stagnant.

“All the time, there is something new. I work with doctors, I learn and I ask questions.”

More information about Mudras Message can be found on their website.

-by Johanna Silver