Meaning to Pause® Helps Us Appreciate The Little Things



It is easy to get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle of Manhattan. We live and work in a place where everything is done quickly, from buying a cup of coffee to commuting to and from work. This high-speed life we try to keep up with does not allow for us to control our thoughts. We tend to live by errands, work, family, and friends, not by ourselves. Luckily, Meaning to Pause® bracelets help us remember to live in the now.

Experts say that pausing several times during the day help us reframe our thoughts and allow us to live our best life. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this, or can’t remember to do this. The purpose of Meaning to Pause® bracelets is to achieve greater mindfulness throughout each day. This bracelet provides a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes, making efforts to redirect thoughts and focus on important aspects of your life.

In July of 2008 Meaning to Pause® was created by Krizia Irish and Cindy Graham. The company aims to help people reframe their thoughts throughout the day through a stylish bracelet with private reminder technology. Irish and Graham became close friends while working together in their chaotic and stressful careers in business sales. They agreed that they needed something in their lives to help them refocus and straighten out their priorities.

The Meaning to Pause® bracelet fills the requirement perfectly. With its gentle and private vibration, the bracelet reminds wearers to pause and clear their minds through thought, prayer, or meditation. Meaning to Pause® celebrates purpose, being grateful, and the act of forgiveness. The goal is for the wearer to look back and feel their best, while realizing they are living a purposeful day and striving to be their best self.

Being a part of the magazine industry can be stressful, so DOWNTOWN loves the concept of Meaning to Pause® and the message they relay. Ross Berman, our Digital Content Director, has recently started wearing a Meaning to Pause®  bracelet, saying, “I love my Meaning to Pause® bracelet! It is a subtle but efficient way to make sure I appreciate the little things in life during a hectic day in the office.” Whether it calms you down for a short instance or the rest of your day, Meaning to Pause® focuses on “…helping people to create meaningful moments in their busy day…” and bettering oneself.

-by Deirdre McAndrew


Photo: Courtesy of Meaning to Pause
Photo: Courtesy of Meaning to Pause