A Different Workout: X-Fit with Jimmy Fusaro



DOWNTOWN Brand Ambassador Irene Bogdan with X-Fit owner Jimmy Fusaro

It’s time to get away from the typical run-of-the-mill gyms, the same old repetitive routines, and popular mainstream workouts. If you’re ready to move on to more different, challenging, and exhilarating workouts, I highly recommend X-Fit with Jimmy Fusaro.

Jimmy Fusaro, the full-blooded Italian fighter from Huntington, Long Island, has been boxing since he was 18 years old. He joined the Suffolk Police Athletic Club where he trained with his coach, John Carter. Years later, he moved to Manhattan where he became a personal instructor at the New York Sports Club. He later went on to work as a trainer at Equinox for years.


Brand Ambassador Irene Bogdan tackles the punching bag

Jimmy had a change of heart though. He knew he needed to be innovative and wanted his clientele to experience the gym differently in a non-drab, exciting way; Jimmy opened X-Fit.

At this 1,500 square-foot training facility you will find the most ingenuous, creative, and tough contraptions that Jimmy designed himself for training all parts of the body. Just to name a few, you’ll see the “Push-up Gauntlet,” “The Swim,” “The Bear,” “The Balancing Tubes,” and “The Zip Line Bag.” Each and every one is designed to target muscles from specific parts of your body to enhance strength, endurance, and balance.

As soon as you are ready to start, Jimmy will wrap your hands and then warm you up with some bag work. You will then be taken to the boxing ring where you will work with him one-on-one. Jimmy will mold you into the kickboxer you never thought you could be! After a few rounds, it’s off to the machines!


Equipment designed by Jimmy Fusaro

Jimmy’s inventive ways of training are not made to beat you down. In fact, after each workout you feel quite energized. The increase of blood flow and oxygen in your body creates more energy and releases endorphins.

I could go on forever about the incredible workout you will have, but ultimately you have to go and see for yourself. I can truly guarantee that you will have the most enjoyable and productive workout you’ve had in a while.

So head out to X-Fit Training located at 28 West 27 Street on the 12th floor.

-Writing and Photography by Irene Bogdan


A view of the equipment room in X-Fit


More training equipment in X-Fit