Fabulous New Wines to Match Your Mood—Be. Women’s Wine

June 14th, 2012

Photo by Abbie Bregenzer

As working women of today, we pick our outfits and shoes based on our mood  that day, whether it’s vibrant and sassy, classy with sophistication, edgy and bold or soft and sweet. Well now, not only can we choose outfits depending on how we feel, but we can drink different wines to fit our moods too. Introducing Be., new way to pair wine with your personal style and mood. Be. is a fresh new wine designed by millennial women for millennial women and is a playful, fun and perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work.

Last night, DOWNTOWN attended the launch party of this new exciting wine to learn more about it. Be. was created by winemaker Christine Spani, who is based in the beautiful central coast of California at Treasury Wine Estates’ Meridian Offices. Celebrity stylist/TV personality Jeannie Mai is the new face of this unique wine, as she embodies fun, class and radiance. Her style tips for the wine is to “get rid of the rules, drink what you feel and dress for the occasion!”

The Be. woman is flirty, fresh, bright and radiant which are the characters of the wine.The four wines consist of Pink Moscato Be.Flirty, Chardonnay Be. Fresh, Pinot Grigio Be. Bright and Riesling Be. Radiant. You can visit there websites at bewinery.com for more information about their wines.

—Ashley Brajae

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2 Responses to “Fabulous New Wines to Match Your Mood—Be. Women’s Wine”

  1. Prince Retsam Says:

    Nice work Ash…

  2. Ashley Brajae Says:


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