EXCLUSIVE: Downtown premieres the new EP “Before I Was Born” by The Commuters

The Commuters
The Commuters
The Commuters

New York City-based quartet The Commuters — as comprised of frontman Zeeshan Zaidi, guitarist/keyboardist Uri Djemal, bassist Ben Zwerin and drummer Paul Amorese — is releasing its new EP, Before I Was Born, on Aug. 12.

Downtown is proud to partner with The Commuters to premiere Before I Was Born before its official released. Here’s what lead singer Zeeshan Zaidi had to say about New York, the EP and what’s ahead for the band:

We’re all about New York. None of us were born here but we all arrived after college and are now New Yorkers forever — that’s what the city is all about.

Being a New York band is kind of the same — we bring all sorts of musical influences and backgrounds to the table, but you mix it all together in this New York City cauldron and out comes something that captures the city’s ethos. The hustle, the energy, the colors, the vitality.

We’re very excited about this EP. We’ve played a lot of New York City’s most iconic clubs and we’ll be bringing our show — and our fans! — to more of them this fall. We’re also planning to hit the road and do some East Coast shows.

For more info on all things Commuters, click on over to www.thecommuters.com.