DOWNTOWN Lifestyle and Family Editor Denise Courter Profiled On Baby Does…NYC

Denise Courter Kids Pic
DOWNTOWN Lifestyle and Family Editor Denise Courter with her two children, Luke and Sydney.

DOWNTOWN Magazine’s Lifestyle and Family Editor, Denise Courter was recently profiled on a NYC family-friendly website, Baby Does…NYC.

To learn more about Denise and her advice to new moms and favorite websites, read the story at Your NYC Neighbor.

Denise and her activities as publisher of FiDi Families and Lifestyle and Family Editor of DOWNTOWN is being featured in this regular section which introduces New Yorkers to our rich community of savvy parents.

The Baby Does…NYC site is dedicated to providing a window on the diversity of New York City “which is bustling with all kinds of families and personalities. We also love to grab tips and recommendations from moms and dads in certain neighborhoods and throughout the 5 Boroughs, and especially people who have created a product, service or site that helps new parents or appeals to children.”

To read the entire story, please visit:


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