Monday, July 22, 2019


Show Review: Mojada

A modern retelling of Euripides' Medea brings life as an undocumented American to the stage with honesty, fire, and heartbreak Nobody expects a rendition of Euripides' Medea to...
Cafe OLED in SoHo

LG and Pantone sponsor a color-ific weekend pop-up in SoHo!

Technology and color merge in Cafe OLED, a three-day pop-up in SoHo, presented by LG and Pantone Color Institute. To show off the critically-acclaimed OLED TV by LG, the space is decorated...
Tepkik at Brookefield Place

Tepkik Art Installation Brings First Nations Art to Brookfield Place

Have you ever heard of “Powwowstep?” How about Supaman, a First Nations dancer and hip-hop artist? The Martha Redbone Roots Project? Me neither, until today. That’s part of the power of Tepkik,...
Cloud Zero

Film Review: Cloud Zero

We’re living in a moment where the public’s politics and concerns for current, life-threatening issues are more polarized than ever. From differing perspectives on access to healthcare and the state of climate...

World Cup Wonder Women at the Ticker Tape Parade

Sports are a welcome distraction.  Whether it be a balm from work-related stresses or a night at a pub, a sports game can be an ideal potion to entertain the spirit.
Movies with a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary of Free Public Programs

Brooklyn Bridge Park is celebrating their 20th anniversary of free public programs with their Movies With a View event and if you’re looking for something relaxing to do this summer, this is...