beGlammed Offers Round The Clock Beauty Amenities

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Beauty apps have changed the way we indulge in our beauty consumption habits. Whether you’re a natural homebody, a busy-bee on the go, or at work for the better half of your day, beauty services can accommodate to the most frenetic of schedules.

beGlammed; a beauty service that offers hair styling and cosmetic services around the clock. That’s right, 24 hours of the day – (granted, not everyone will utilize the service at 3 a.m., but it’s nice to know we have the option.)


How beGlammed works: After registering for the app, you may select on a specific service; hair or makeup. The app categorizes each service in three tiers with ascending prices for each service: Pretty, Beautiful, and Glamorous. The cost determines which stylist you’ll be paired with; as the most seasoned stylists are utilized for the Glamorous tier; ideal for red carpets or weddings.

Though, regardless of tier, every stylist assuredly has the appropriate amount of training, guaranteeing a perfect blowout, downdo, or updo each time. Moreover, stylists are also vetted based on congeniality and customer service, (the price range varies from $40-$200.)

App creator, Maile Pacheco, expressed beGlammed stylists are all inclusive, “We have stylists for all hair types and every ethnicity. Whether it’s Asian hair or African American hair; our stylists are equipped to cater all of our clients.”

The products used to style clients must fulfill one requirement: being top quality. Besides a partnership with R+Co hair products, since the app’s initial launch May 2014, beGlammed works with trusted brands such as MAC cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Kevin Murphy, Hourglass cosmetics and others.

As for the glam locale, the possibilities are plenty, get styled at home or the office. Pacheco even informed us that beGlammed even secured a few gym locations, expanding their availability for the most intensive schedules.

Although operation isn’t feasible in every state, stylists are based in major metropolitan areas, with an approximating total of 550 stylists cross-country. Their accessibility is what gives the app their contrastive edge. Pacheco stated, “We’re in more cities than any other [beauty] app. Making us more easily accessible for our clients who travel often.”

As for flexibility, the app knows no barriers, Pacheco stated, “We’ve even had services requested in a car ride during New York Fashion Week. One of our clients picked up her stylist on the street corner, she hopped in the car, and touched her [makeup] up on the way over. We’re literally mobile and will go anywhere.”

The Uber of beauty was created by Maile Pacheco, whose repertoire spans a lengthy career oriented around the beauty and fashion industry. The incentive to create the app cultivated as an organic process, Pacheco stated, “Being a veteran in the industry, and a makeup artist myself, I know exactly what would be more convenient for me, as well as my clients.”

Pacheco worked as a makeup artist for years before transitioning to the corporate side of the beauty industry, “I had a little bit of both, it was the perfect marriage of art and commerce. I had my outlet of doing makeup, but I also had the business and marketing experience as well.”

Thinking about downloading the beGlammed app? Plan in advance because the busiest time of the year for the stylists is the holiday season, naturally. You can even book discounted group packages; making the innovative service a no-brainer for your upcoming holiday parties. Book early to beGlammed 😉


By: Yasmine Rimawi